Sunday, January 12, 2014

Di Marzio in Italy confirms Red Bulls talk with Xavi

A Few Popular opinions:

"Not that unbelievable.
Read his interviews in The Blizzard and the Sid Lowe one in The Guardian – he's a very smart guy; will definitely become a football manager in the future. He'll be 34 an the end of this month, and has been at Barça since he was a kid. He likely wants to see the world before commencing his coaching career. Also note that Pep went to Qatar and Mexico at the end of his career."

"Saying Xavi is a CAM or playmaker is kind of a misinterpretation of his role. He's one of the most unique CMs in the world but he is a pure CM, not a playmaker or holder: a CM. At Barca his weaknesses are largely hidden because he is allowed to maximize his strength, which is the ability to maintain the rhythm of the game like a heartbeat. If he were to move the MLS I'm not sure he'd be able to maintain that ability because Barcelona have such a unique style of play. He would either have to play a lot riskier than he's used to or suffer the consequences from inferior teammates. Of course, he would still be amazing and I'm not saying he would be a bust, I just don't think that outside of the obvious marketing benefits Xavi is the right type of player for the league right now. In all honesty he's much more suited to Liga MX."

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