Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Curious Case of Dax McCarty

After watching every game this season...Dax deserves a shot at taking on Beckerman for 3rd or 4th spot USMNT defensive mid spot. He sprints for 90 minutes, can control the flow of the game, and always works to make sure his defense is in a position to make a play. When I think about Dax and his play this quote comes to mind:
"When you do things right, people won't be sure you've done anything at all."

I hope people definitely noticed when he did this while captaining the US National team in practice:
And then he comes to the New York Red Bulls. A team that has two legitimate legends of the game in Thierry Henry and Tim Cahill. Any fan of the team will tell you that although Cahill is probably the team MVP and hard working, no real fan would tell you he worked harder than Dax McCarty. In fact, nobody has worked harder than Dax, and he doesn't work hard for nothing either. Dax was in the top 15 most efficient passers in the league last year while scoring and assisting in some of the best and most crucial goals for Red Bull on their way to the top of the league. 
Dax's celebration after scoring the game winning header
in the waning moments
Dwayne De Rosario is an afterthought that this point for most people following the team. Going back to that trade most people were rightly angry at management for giving away one of the league's most prolific scorers and creators for what felt like nothing at the time. Turns out he's been our greatest savior. (You can read more about the trade here from SBnation) Dax McCarty is the workhorse for the team that finally proved naysayers wrong. The team that finally overcame adversity. The team that scored goal after goal in the waning minutes to secure crucial points. The team that won their first trophy ever. Dax McCarty is the quiet catalyst working his way to victory.

Plus he's cool, accessible through media, makes legitimate use of his twitter and mustache...what is not to love about Dax, and that is made even more apparent to me every time my fiance tells me how much she loves him. I don't mind Dax.

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