Tuesday, November 5, 2013

My USA - BPL Team

This team is so far my favorite on FUT 14. Before anyone says anything about how this team could play better, it can't, this is my absolute favorite team so far. In the 4-4-2 with 2 CDM's patrolling the midfield.

Eddie Johnson - Obafemi Martins

These two are insane together. Eddie Johnson is probably the best silver striker in the game. 85 pace, 82 heading, and 4 star skills. The best part about this pairing is that they have a strong link from being on the same club team. Martins comes in with 93 pace and his heading and shot stats are amazing for what he can do. These top 2 are perfect for the give-and-go and dink it over the slower defense.

USABPL FUT 14 team


Josh Gatt got a huge upgrade this year keeping his pace but also gaining 4* skill moves. This guy is absolutely ridiculous and coupled with Jones and Chandler the right side of my team gets down the field and bombs in crosses, or finds that incisive run inside. Matt Jarvis is a hidden gem in this game. H/L workrates make him a perfect fit for a midfield that includes an incredibly aggressive Mikel and especially Jermaine Jones. If you've never used Jones before, use him now. He is probably one of the best CDMs in the game given his pace, workrates, and his mental stats: 89 AGGRESSION!


 Sliding Tackle
 Standing Tackle


Baines is awesome. He is simply like having a great defender, and a great contributor to the offensive game in one package. His stats for everything are insane including shot, free kicks, and passing. I just recently got his in-form and oh my god he is dirty. David Luiz and John Anthony Brooks are stalwarts in the middle and do not let anything get dunked over their heads, and hold firm when bombarded with crossing teams. Guzan's inform is fucking beastly, and you can interchange him with Tim Howard's new in-form as well.

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