Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Why FIFA 14 will be the best yet

(Taken from Reddit)
So... I may be in the minority, but I love it so far. First off, I haven't had any collisions where the game spazzes out, which was constantly a problem in 13, I'd tackle someone, they'd fall over,trip up my player and then get up quicker basically giving them a break because I had a successful tackle, well that's gone.
Second it has so much more weight, I remember playing the PES 13 demo,( I was in NYC waiting for a concert that was after another concert so the doors opened two hours late, so I went to Best Buy down the street because it was warm,free and had video games, but they only had PES not Fifa) anyways I really liked the PES demo, because unlike FIFA 13, everything felt heavier and slower, and instead of just being like an arcade game where the scores were routinely 4-3, it took skill to get good chances, because you couldn't just lob through ball+sprint into the box. Well FIFA 14 feels like that, everything is heavier and slower the touches and dribbling are more refined, basically it feels a lot closer to the actual sport.

Third both strength and pace are equally important which I loved. Everyone has been talking about whether pace will be OP or if strength will matter more this year, and it depends on the position. I played as Spurs and Aaron Lennon was good in some situations and horrid in others, Trying to run past the CB's was a no go, because they just threw me off of the ball, but cutting inside with a long touch, was really effective,(although I imagine this requires at least a decent dribbling stat to be consistently successful possibly making players who are nothing but pace a lot less useful)so it goes both ways.

So I can't wait, also for UT I don't think full pace abuse teams will work. Pace is still good on the wings, but having CM's with 90 pace isn't going to prove to be very beneficial I think, and will be interesting to see how ratings play out in the game.

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