Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Ozil Interview in English after leaving Real Madrid

Reporter: "Why Arsenal?"
Ozil: "I am very happy to be playing for Arsenal from now on. During a long phone call with Arsene Wenger he ensured me that he trusts in me and my abilities. That's is the kind of confidence I need as a player. And that is the kind of trust I missed over the last days in Madrid. I am looking forward to play with a great team, meet their great supporters and to live in an interesting city. It will help me a great deal that Per and Lukas can assist me with the new environment as well as Arsene speaking German. I am really looking forward to the new challenges ahead and playing in the Premier League."
Reporter: "Why did you change your mind? A few days back you announced that you would remain in Madrid?"
Ozil: "At that point in time I was very confident about my situation in Madrid and that I would remain there. I know that I have the abilities to establish myself in every football club in the world but I need to feel that the manager and club authorities believe in me. I had to leave Madrid as I didn't feel said trust that Arsene is giving to me now."
Reporter: "You were very popular with Madrid supporters. Are you going to miss them?"
Ozil: "Of course. They were supporting me until the end. I heard about them chanting “Don't sell Özil” at the press conference yesterday. This shows how much support I had from the team and the fans. Of course that was very touching but that's football business. I wish all the best to my former teammates and hope they'll succeed in the future and stay healthy.
I personally want to thank all the fans for supporting me until the end!"

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